Lenten Worship Series

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The season after Pentecost

Each week through mid-July we will discover how God's faithfulness and our faith combine to work through us, in us and for us as we seek to become for faithful to  the Trinity's work in our lives and in our community.   Worship services will be available in-person, through our live feed on the YouTube channel and shared as an edited video in the middle of each week.  We hope you will feel free to join us as you are, where you are.

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Join us for the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost.  The bulletin contains the order of worship and the weekly announcements.  Check our on-line calendar for upcoming events.

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Join us Sunday morning, at 10:30 a.m. to join the live worship feed on YouTube. Search YouTube for the channel name shown above.  You may also continue to view the recorded version by  clicking the "Worship" tab above.   

2022 Graduate


       The United Women in Faith President, Amy Thomas, presented high school graduate, David Zapata, with a Bible in recognition  of his achievement.  David currently works as a manager of a local fast food facility and plans to attend a local college this fall.  Also with David during the presentation are his mother, Vanessa Zapata, Joan McCarty, and Betsy Keller.  We wish David the best and congratulate him on his graduation.