Summer Worship Series

What does reconciliation have to do with Sabbath?   And how does Paul describe reconiliation?  Join Sunday,  June 6, 2021.  as we begin to contemplate how we will "Tend the New Creation" this summer.

Return to Sanctuary June 6

The official return to sanctuary worship is June 6.  We will open the side doors to the sanctuary for all to enter.  You are free to choose (if you are fully vacinated please) to wear or not wear a mask and as brothers and sisters in Christ we will work to make sure all are welcome and protected while in the sanctuary.

We will be offering a hybrid form of worship which will include our Facebook friends as well as our in-person worshippers.  We will also continue to post the worship service here on the website and our YouTube page.

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Select the picture above to open the weekly bulletin for the ordero f wroship and weekly announcements.  Choose the worship tab above to view the weekly worship service found on Facebook each Sunday or choose the church's YouTube link to view the worship service.

Our two Mission Projects are:

1.  Thanks for your generious offering for the Holston Home for Children as a part of our 5th Sunday outreach offering.  


2.  Greeneville Food Bank:  Bring canned veggies to place in the basket located at the side door of the sanctuary each Sunday morning and at the office door hallway during the week.