Lenten Worship Series

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Easter Season Begins

The Reason for Easter:  Love

Easter is not one Sunday, or even one season.  Easter is a reminder of  why Jesus gave his all on our behalf.  You are invited to join with us via our worship video posted each week or in person on Sunday mornings as we seek to discover how the actions of Easter leads us to live our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

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We begin the fifth  week of the Easter Season with  scripture that wonders if we can see God at all...  Join us.  

Bible Study
This Week:  6:00 p.m.
Back Parking lot

   The study continues this week by focusing on the scripture Matthew 10:5b-6.  Bring a lawn chair to enjoy sitting together outside. We are having great discussions, enjoying time getting to know each other better and growing in our faith together.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Who are our Neighbors? 


Members of the Leadership team will beginning visiting streets around the church for an informal survey of homes and business that are our neighbors.  We have eight sections to cover over the next few weeks and could use any help you might be willing to offer.  Check with Pastor Cynthia to get a survey section map to volunteer.