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Celebration Schedule of Activities

Updated: Oct 3

The Bicentennial Committee has worked hard over the past few months planning activities for Christ UMC to use as ways to celebrate the work and ministry of the church over the

past 200 years. While many of those plans have been postponed until it is far safer to gather in one place there are plans underway for celebration.

  • Three guest preachers have been invited to come and share a message with the church. The first preacher will join the congregation on October 17th. Watch next week for details. The second will join us in November and the last will be in February. All of these ministers began as members of the congregation at Christ UMC.

  • Josh Bracken will do an organ recital of church music at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday November 7, lasting about forty five minutes. Of course, all safety protocols will be in place but certainly that will not not stop participants from enjoying the beautiful organ music.

  • Sunday m

orning worship, November 7th, will celebrate All Saints Sunday and the birthday of the church with the beautiful All Saints Sunday liturgy and Holy Communion. We will honor and remember all those who have given their love and ministry through Christ UMC throughout the years before and celebrate those who are present now even as we remember those family and friends we have lost over the past year.

Mark your calendar now to participate in the worship services, turn in your pictures asap, and celebrate the history of Christ UMC as we remember the work done and the lives shared together through Christ.

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