• Pastor Cynthia

New Things you should know about!

Several new things have started: For example:

* Did you know that choir practice has returned to Wednesday afternoons?

If you love to sing, even just love to try to sing, join the folks in the sanctuary at 5:00 p.m. as they work toward returning to the choir loft. They do need just a few more folks to join them so feel free to come and sing with the group. Besides hearing the music, it would appear there is much laughter as well, something we could all use in our lives!

*Did you know we have a new sound board improving the sound in the sanctuary tremendously. The Leadership Team made the decision to purchase and install the new digital sound board to work in conjunction with the sound and camera system already available

to us. We thank Millennium Computer and Mr. Kyle Johnson for the work in getting us set up with all this equipment and spending time training the folks who run each week. It is a blessing to all of us as we gather to worship.

*Did you know we have returned to broadcasting the worship service live each Sunday morning within a two mile radius of the church.? Tune in the service at 88.5 FM each Sunday morning, 10:30 .m. to hear the worship service.

*Did you know we have added an additional page to the website? This additional page can be located by selecting the "More" tab at the top of the home page. It contains links to various United M

ethodist sites which provide information and news that you may wish to know. In addition, we are working to add a link page for a "live" video broadcast venue each Sunday. We will make an specific announcement about this ministry when it becomes a reality. We already have a dedicated page for the recorded version of the worship service which is posted to our YouTube channel, CUMC,Greeneville.

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