• Pastor Cynthia

Starting a new year off...

It's not always easy to start a new year. It seems we leave so many things left to do from the previous year and yet here we are ready to begin something new. This year will offer specific challenges for members and friends of Christ UMC. We will take time to reflect, to learn, to ask questions and, more importantly, to find answers to the work and purpose of this church family. It will take commitment on the part of those who wish to share in setting the direction for the future. It will take time to do the work necessary to reflect, learn, question and answer so that the decisions made will be those that guide the church not just through this year, 2022, but far beyond. The first place we start is worship this Sunday - the traditional renewal service. Make time now to mark your calendar and set Sunday morning worship - our primary gathering time at this point - to join with others to praise God through worship. That is the first way to start of a new year, wouldn't you agree?

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