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YOUTube Live Each Week!

Every Sunday morning we offer folks the opportunity to join us via our YouTube Channel. You can find that channel at "CUMC,Greeneville." If you subscribe to the channel, and select "all notifications" you will receive an email with the link to the live stream every Sunday morning when we actually go live. We are so glad to welcome folks who add their name in the "chat" section each week as part of our worshipping community.

One final thing...each Sunday you can also find our bulletin on the homepage for the website where you find the "click the picture" insert. You join in with us at home for all the songs, the prayers and the scripture.

Join us for worship. We love having you as a part of our extended community if you are unable to be present. If you have question, or would like to support the church's ministry through financial giving, there is a "donate" tab on the home page as well.

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