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When Things Don't Go as Planned!

I do it. I bet you do too. When things don't go your way, you get irritated with everyone but yourself. After all, you planned, you prepared, you anticipated everything you could and still the plans did not work out. It is frustrating to spend all that time working and planning only to have things go haywire but that's life. What is is the saying, "God laughs while we plan!" But I have also discovered that when we plan, we project ourselves, our value, our abilities and skills into the success of what ever we are planning and when we discover it will not go as planned, we tend to feel as if we fail - thus we blame everyone but ourselves. We don't take well to failure. We based our value on how successful we are.

But as the sign says, Trust God when things don't go as planned. Trust that God always sees your value. God always knows your heart and God will see the bigger picture that we often cannot see for the "failure" we feel. We may never know how our planning, our hopes and dreams, our anticipation of an event affected and effected others. We may never the true outcome of what we may think is a "failure." We may never see the success that occurred because of our hope, our work, our plans. But if somehow we can trust that God has the plan, then perhaps we can find the value in what we have done and trust that whatever may occur, in God's hands, is a success.

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